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The New Wave of Technology

How Robotics and Automation Benefits the Automotive Sector

Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 28, 2021

How Robotics and Automation Benefits the Automotive Sector

Automation and robotics help automotive manufacturers to improve their performance with speed, precision, and reliability. 

FREMONT, CA :Continued advancements in robotics and automation for automotive applications will benefit automotive OEMs, tier one, two, and three suppliers. Automotive manufacturers can stay profitable and competitive in the face of significant challenging market conditions by using intelligent automation technologies designed to improve performance and increase production.

The high level of repeatability and precision provided by this technology allows suppliers to meet the exceedingly high standards demanded by OEMs. Many companies have various technologies designed to optimize the processes and maximize productivity, irrespective of where they are in the automotive supply chain.

Automating Automotive Manufacturing Processes with Robots

Several organizations also provide a wide range of automation and robotics technologies for almost every automotive manufacturing process, with a long history in the sector for rock-solid product quality and the top levels of customer service and support, such as a committed automotive sales and engineering team with a century of combined automotive experience.

These include specialized robots with innovative vision and motion control systems and solutions for automotive assembly, arc and spot welding, component transfer, inspection, parts handling, machine tending, painting, sealing, material removal, finishing, and many other applications.

Robots and automated solutions are suitable for conducting these kinds of repetitive tasks that require high throughput but are dull, tedious, or even dangerous to people's health.

In the automotive manufacturing industry, new robot technology is constantly evolving, including collaborative robots, which work alongside humans to enhance workplace safety and ergonomics. There is a solution to reduce cycle time and boost throughput in any event.

Automating Automotive Processes with CNCs and Machines

Several companies have delivered high-performance CNC control systems to the automotive industry. CNC control systems are preferred by a large number of automotive OEMs and Tier suppliers. The CNC control systems have features that reduce process cycle times, allowing for more parts per hour. CNC controls and drives are highly dependable and developed to gain accuracy. They can also be customized to perform a wide range of material subtractive, additive operations, loader, and conveyor applications. It will assist them in improving the processes. 

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