The Importance Of Simulation In Battery Development

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The Importance Of Simulation In Battery Development

Electric Mobility

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Electric Mobility

An Outlook On Present Auto-Tech Landscape

Franklin Zeng, CEO of Geely

An Outlook On Present Auto-Tech Landscape

How Electric Cars are Changing the Future of the Automobile Industry

Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 03, 2020

The demand for electric vehicles is increasing among the consumers because of its ability to protect the environment and also reduce the expenses incurred.

FREMONT, CA: Nowadays, cars have a sleeker and simple look, and those with an aesthetic body are more powerful. However, people from all over the world are switching to electric cars so that they can save and preserve the environment. Additionally, in the long term, electric vehicles can also be a process of saving money on fuel.

It is more likely that in the future cities people can expect to see more electric cars on the roads. With this latest incoming of electric vehicles, it is predicted that the electric car industry will come up with continuous innovative ideas so that there is more infrastructure that will fulfill the demand of the consumers. With time, it will be a common thing to see an electric car on the road soon.

Top 10 Electric Vehicle Technology Solution Companies - 2019However, presently several models of electric cars for sale and many are about to get launched in the market. Moreover, the demand for electric cars and hybrid vehicles are also escalating at an astonishing rate. This high demand for not only ensures that electric cars can dominate the market but also has better chances of innovation and advancement due to its sustainable transportation. There are many advantages toelectric vehicles, and their demands are increasing among consumers.


Global warming has become a severe problem, and people worldwide have become aware that it is necessary to accept renewable energy programs. Therefore, they are also trying to use sustainable transportation as an option. So, pollution is one primary reason why consumers are moving towards electric vehicles because most of the emissions that come out of the standard vehicles consist of toxic substances that create not only environmental issues but also a problem for human health.

Less Expensive

There is another advantage of switching to the electric car, and it is their cost of charging the vehicles against fossil fuels. Today, the price of fossil fuels is high, but it also controls the industry. With the increasing demand for electric vehicles, this can reduce to a considerable level.

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