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How can Agile Mindset Drive Automotive Industry

Auto Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Automation is the driving factor for enhanced business growth and streamlined business processes and application. Enterprises are striving hard to bring agile methodologies into the system. Here are a few trends that are going to drive the automotive industry:

Being Agile Instead of Doing Agile: An Agile mindset is more necessary for enterprises than applying some agile practices and methods like scrum, sprints, etc. Agile mindset enables organizations to adapt to an ever-changing environment while continuously delivering value to existing or future customers at a sustainable pace. Many automotive companies cannot switch from one solution to others while adapting their business to a new architecture, processes, and organizational structure. This is because of a lack of sense of urgency, inertia, and resistance. Being Agile can provide the necessary push towards business agility to cope with today’s risk and tomorrow’s challenges in the automotive industry.

 Few Automotive Companies (AEye, Derive Systems, FORCAM )

New Scaling Strategies: Implementing agility on a program level is an arduous task. It makes the implementation efforts tougher as more teams are added into their scope. The Enterprise needs to have a clear mindset before scaling-up the agility as a scaled structure inherits all the teething troubles from the team level.

Agility Maturity Models: In this era of fierce competition, enterprises need to understand the investing threshold. The existing approach of evaluating the investment is to assess the processes. Maturity models offer agile implementations for the automotive industry. But, the enterprises need to be cautious as the existing agile maturity models focus on practices and not on properties.

Business Agility Instead of Team Agility: Enterprises need to overcome silo mentalities in order to eliminate duplicate costs and mediocre synergies. Instead of team agility, business agility can work wonders for an organization, as it will enable the entire organization to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

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