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The New Wave of Technology

How Automation is Contributing to Efficient Parking

Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, November 18, 2019

With an automated parking system, a relatively large number of cars can be accommodated in a limited space, thereby freeing up space for other purposes.

FERMONT, CA:   As per the reports, global automotive sales touched a record mark of 90 million last year. The increase in car sales was driven mainly by the wide range of available vehicles. With a massive volume of cars on the road, there is now a need for automotive developers to provide ample parking space for vehicles. For instance, garages dealing with parking issues may look for a smarter, more innovative solution. Automation holds the key to address the above challenge. Automated parking systems offer several advantages, including improved use of space, reduced costs, reduced impact on the environment, and luxury user experience. Know more about this here.Automotive safety

The automated parking requires a 70 percent smaller area than traditional parking lots. It helps the owner of the parking garage to add parking spaces and use more areas for non-parking and green spaces.

 By allowing parking to be in spaces where conventional parking would not fit, the flexible design of automated parking systems can enable profitability and feasibility. The potential sites for automatic parking systems are limitless, including underground, above-ground, stand-alone, built into existing buildings, and the like. 

Automated parking systems can also reduce CO2 emissions while searching for parking spaces by eliminating the need for cars to drive. For the development of parking garages, an automated parking system typically requires less building materials, less construction time, and less disruption to construction. For underground parking garages, automatic parking systems are also the least expensive option. Safety and security are always a priority for developments in parking garages. Automated parking systems are potentially much safer compared to conventional parking because they eliminate the need to drive in the parking zones. No driving will significantly offset the possibility of cars being stolen or getting damaged in such an attempt.

A large number of cars can be handled within a limited area with an automatic parking system. Therefore, drivers will not have to waste time looking for secure parking spaces. 


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