How AI Can Leverage Automotive Manufacturing?

Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, July 24, 2020

Artificial intelligence and high-performance computing is revolutionizing automotive industry by providing the autonomous vehicle, predictive maintenance, safe drives and many more things.

FREMONT, CA: The automotive industry is harnessing modern technologies to bring efficient, innovative, and safe vehicles for the customers. Nowadays, the automotive manufacturing is adopting these technologies to cut manufacturing costs and to save time and extra efforts. The two keys to success are artificial intelligence and high-performance computing.

Common AI use cases

Here are some of the ways in which automotive manufacturers are using AI to deliver a safer driving experience while streamlining their processes:

• Driver assist

Nowadays, in cars and trucks, advanced driver-assist features are available, which is controlled by AI systems. It alerts drivers to dangerous road conditions, examine blind spots in the driver’s view, help with steering, and take automated actions to assist in avoiding accidents and hazardous situations.

• Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are like a boon in the automotive industry. Now to facilitate self-driving cars and trucks, manufacturers and their technology partners are working overtime to develop AI-driven systems.

These systems include a wide range of AI-enabled technologies, such as deep learning neural networks, gesture-control features, and natural language processing to provide the brains for vehicles to drive safely with or without a human driver on board.

• Connected vehicles

Artificial intelligence is a necessary technology for connected vehicles. Here AI can and predicts failures so vehicle manufacturers can work proactively to avoid issues. It can also assist drivers with location-based information to help them find the things they need. AI-based systems can also send driving and accident data to insurance companies, which might offer incentives for safe driving habits.Top Automotive Safety Solution Companies

• Quality control

AI-based tools are better at quality control as AI systems get better over time at identifying defects. It continually learns to improve its analysis based on feedback. AI-powered hardware can visually inspect and provide superior QC on several products, including machined parts, painted car bodies, textured metal surfaces, and more.

• Manufacturing

AI-powered systems can be used by automakers to create schedules and manage workflows. It also enables robots to work safely alongside humans on factory floors and assembly lines. Robots can identify defects in components going into cars and trucks. In this way, manufacturers get to reduce costs and downtime in production lines while delivering better-finished products to consumers.

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