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How Additive Manufacturing Helps in the Automobile Industry?

By Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, June 05, 2020

Additive manufacturing helps automakers to perform on-site fabrication, along with innovating and customizing the supply chain and products for enhanced market responses.

FREMONT, CA: The automotive industry has been seeing exciting changes, such as shifting from fuel-efficient and powerful vehicles to the onset of electric-powered cars. Autonomous and connected cars are gradually emerging. However, traditional automotive industry partners and start-ups traditionally had nothing to do with an automobile are passionate about changing the way the automotive industry operates, heading to the age of smart mobility.

Numerous automakers have been working to develop advanced technologies for vehicles that will allow for refined fuel economy. One of the development is the emergence of Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing, which offers a series of advantages for the manufacture of a single automobile component or an entire vehicle while guaranteeing secure, suitable physical properties.

Top 10 Automotive Technology Solution Companies in UK - 2019Additive manufacturing is a disruptive and fast-growing technology that enables designers to prepare quick or rapid models as well as complex designs. This would otherwise not have been possible through legacy subtractive manufacturing methods. The novel technology delivers the automotive industry with innovative designs, freedom, and knowledge in the supply chain.

Different additive manufacturing technologies develop according to specific elements of the automotive industry. In this respect, based on the component printed, there are proper additive manufacturing technologies and processes present.

Benefits associated with additive manufacturing, especially for the automotive industry, are quite distinct. Complex components is manufactured with no wastage of material and quick turnaround time. However, the only challenge faced is the lack of ability of this technology to provide automobile parts in mass numbers. Moreover, this technology's initial cost is also high; however, this would not be a discouraging factor, as OEMs will undoubtedly benefit from the technology within a few years. Mass production of automobile parts has been the topmost priority always, so the additive manufacturing will have to wait for years before players in the automotive industry fully embrace the technology.

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