High-tech cyber security remedies every industry should adopt

Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, April 25, 2019

High-tech cybersecurity remedies every industry should adopt

Data being the prime asset, industries face a critical need to improve cybersecurity. With booming technology impacting our lifestyles, the need to safeguard our data grows. As the business world is completely computerized, the internet acts as the principal user data repository. Data security can go for a toss with increased cybersecurity issues, smart hacking strategies and attackers’ capabilities dominating over the security measures, which the industries intent on taking. A simple website cookie, cell phone setting, or an email from a stranger can make your data vulnerable to attacks. This article talks about various ways to quick fix cybersecurity threats.

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• Integrating VPN with Wi-Fi

It’s great when you find an open Wi-Fi network. But, most of us fail to detect the crooks hiding behind the Wi-Fi networks. Hackers are capable of setting a fake Wi-Fi hotspot, and from the minute you are connected to it, all your data becomes theirs. Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps in preventing the non-trusted sources from diverting your data traffic towards them.

• Learning about third-party policies

It is important to understand that a blind click on the ‘agree’ button without reading the privacy policies can leave the user data vulnerable to attacks as the external applications and third-party communities quickly get to access critical data and personal information. Creating a sense of awareness within the user boundary helps to achieve data security.    

• Beware of phishing

Phishing emails are one of the most used cyber-attack strategies. Attackers pretend to be legitimate and demand sensitive user information. Verifying the email address and the domain name with the help of advanced identity validation algorithms, and understanding the motive of the email context helps us protect ourselves from these online scams.  

User data forms the foundation of business. Hence, it is crucial to scrutinize the opportunities and obstacles of online data approaches and cybersecurity. 

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