Foretellix Adopts Foretify Technology for Safety of AVs

Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, May 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Foretellix, an Israel-based autonomous vehicle (AV) safety measurement start-up company, announced the adoption of leading-edge Foretify Technology. The semiconductor and AV industry broadly adopts the Foretellix's unique quality of coverage verification approach. The skillful metamorphosis from the quantity of miles to quality of coverage will significantly benefit the consumer and entrust confidence of insurance companies and regulators collectively in the broad deployment of autonomous vehicles.

Foretellix was formed by a team of specialists to answer the age-old question for AV safety. The company's prime motive for safety verification and validation was proven when they decided to undertake a quantity of miles approach. After identifying the deficiencies associated with virtually logging distances in providing no relation to measure driver's satisfaction and automobile failure rate has driven the company away from conventional methods.

The introduction of Foretify technology will allow the developers to utilize the coverage-driven system as the main parameter to determine the quality of miles. The smart inter-evaluation of coverage with quality has successfully exercised scenarios critical for evaluation of AV safety and extracted vital information to prove it. The scenario coverage matrix will provide a statistical approach to quality of consumer's satisfaction for suppliers, insurance companies, and regulators.

Foretellix mission to enable quantifiable safety of AVs by the deployment of quality of miles was made possible by Foretify technology. Foretellix has developed intelligent automation and analytical tools to orchestrate and monitor 100s of millions of driving scenarios and providing the confidence required for the automotive industry to undergo an autonomous revolution. The Foretify technology is condensed in nature as one behavioral specification of scenario categories may represent 100s of scenario variation. Due to the trustworthy characteristics, specifics of human reliability can easily be audited, adapted, and augmented. Scenario specifics that can quickly be morphed for an upgraded operational design domain (ODD) provided an adaptive edge to the technology.

The application of aggregation in coverage data from 100s of millions of variant scenarios, identification of coverage holes and analysis of highest impact test is causing the technology and the company to gain a higher status in the market. High-level Scenario Description Language (SDL), intelligent and scalable automation, analytics, and metrics are the most excellent tools generated from Foretellix's Foretify Technology.

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