Customer 360: Innovative Collaboration through Technology

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Customer 360: Innovative Collaboration through Technology

From Robotics to Big Data, What the Future Holds for Manufacturing

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From Robotics to Big Data, What the Future Holds for Manufacturing

Revamping the Automotive Landscape with Technology

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Revamping the Automotive Landscape with Technology

Eye-Catching Automotive Technologies at CES 2019

Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 31, 2019

The consumer electronics show CES 2019 winded up recently at Las Vegas, as always was the hub of world’s digital innovations. Recent advancement in automotive autonomy and infotainment drew the industry to be a part of this laudable event to showcase the electronic nous various companies achieved—big or small. 


Nissan came up with its new autonomous ‘Voodoo’ invisible-to-visible technology. Basically, it blends all the information gathered by smart sensors of the car—inside out—with all auto driving information stored in the cloud. As an outcome, the car will be able to see visible and invisible things around. With information about the surrounding available in the cloud, the car will be able to create 3D holographic images of it. The I2V technology will be put by Nissan to create avatars guiding occupants in various tasks such as teaching driving or help to find elusive parking slots, even nag with tailgating. The evolving automotive electronics will open up an immersive augmented reality driving experience.

Enhancing Alertness

Bosch and Mojio, together are planning to enhance the responsiveness of automobiles on the road, making them more alert to refrain accidents. Bosch supplies OBDII connectors—used by mechanics to access ECUs thoughts—which will connect with proprietary Mojio application to place an emergency call in case of a crash. Crash detection algorithm developed by Bosch will detect signs of the crash on the car and trigger a warning signal to Mojio’s “telco-grade” cloud for bringing immediate professional help. The system can be easily retrofitted on any car to monitor its vitals for scheduled maintenance. The vehicle tracking system will be a help for police to recover stolen vehicles.

Data and IoT

On one hand, Homelink showcased its car-to-home automation application that personalizes the house from the seat of the car. From turning on lights to providing biometric security all could be controlled from the car’s dashboard, providing humans a convenient and secure environment. On the other, Guardian Optical Technologies came up with their videos sensor capable enough to measure movements up to one micrometer with precision. The technology allows actuating airbags depending on passenger’s weight or creating alertness if the driver feels sleepy just by their eye movements. All this will be an outcome of the data that the sensors will gather through its lifecycle.

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