Cruden Chosen as Unity's Reseller

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Unity is built into Cruden’s multichannel networks to make help 3D graphics in real-time.

FREMONT, CA: Cruden, the driving simulator and simulator tech expert, has been named as the reseller of Unity Engine License and Services. The use of Unity is increasing widely among automotive simulator engineers, as the development of Autonomous Driving (AD) technologies and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) involves the production of numerous driving scenarios for human test subjects in life-like virtual environments. Besides, Unit provides the experience of 3D CAD models of vehicles and parts such as car interiors in high-quality real-time visualizations.

“Automotive companies may require one or more Unity licenses if they wish to create and compile their own content. Where Cruden is already established as a supplier, we can serve as a one-stop shop to make license acquisition easier, wrapping it in with other products and services,” said Martijn de Mooij, Technical Development Manager, Cruden. “We can also continue to create the full content package as we do for many customers. This new arrangement also has the benefit of further strengthening the relationship between Cruden and Unity, whose technologies are complementary.”

Unity is built into Cruden’s multichannel networks to make help 3D graphics in real-time. Physical Rendering Units (PBR) software is rapidly in demand due to its extremely high levels of realism and vast stationery and animated model collection. Unity is also common because, in addition to having a wide range of plug-in features, it enables users to build their own content and driving scenarios without relying on an external provider.

Unity’s high-quality content improves realism with complex driving situations, shifting light patterns and reflections, and peripheral specifics such as passing pedestrians and tree-blasting leaves. Although such specifics are not necessary for driving simulators used by vehicle production engineers, they are relevant when finding practical answers from ordinary drivers and passengers in the virtual testing of autonomous driving technology and ADAS.

This new agreement would make it easier for Cruden’s clients to gain licensed Unity Tooling rights, build content packages, or other applications for use combined with Cruden’s driving simulators. It also ensures that Unity is now accessible via Cruden to firms that are not currently Cruden customers. A Unity license is an alternative for those who choose to build their own content or software and is not necessary to run a simulator.

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