Power Shifting: Triple Shift Left in Auto Electronics

Burkhard Huhnke, VP Automotive, Synopsys Inc.

Power Shifting: Triple Shift Left in Auto Electronics

Autonomous Vehicles Will Change Everything in the Next Decade-Right?

Pete Kelly, Managing Director, LMC Automotive

Autonomous Vehicles Will Change Everything in the Next Decade-Right?

Data in Driver's Seat

Dr. Mircea Gradu, Executive Director,...

Data in Driver's Seat

Connected Car and its Benefits

Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, May 16, 2019

FREMONT, CA: With an increase in the applications of internet of things (IoT), the concept of connected car emerged and carved its way into the market. Like any other IoT embedded device, a connected car interacts with other devices, improving the user experience to the next level.

A connected car exchanges data with other devices inside and outside the car using an internet connection.

Applications of a Connected Car

A connected car has a wide range of useful functionalities. For instance, the satellite navigation system alerts the user in case of traffic and assists them in an alternative route to avoid the traffic. Other errands such as locking the car through a smartphone or flashing its headlights to track it at the parking place.

Some vehicles also provide concierge services where the user interacts with customer care in case of personal assistance. It also allows reserving a parking space in advance or giving suggestions for a restaurant.

In Case of an Emergency

Most of the vehicles support automatic redirection where, in case of an accident, it shares the current location to the emergency services. This system uses GPS connection to pinpoint the location so that help can reach the site as quickly as possible.

Entertainment Factor

Connected cars provide Wi-Fi hotspots for the passengers; thereby enabling them to stay connected and engaged.

Connected Cars of the Future

Cameras and sensors will create a digital map for the vehicles to feed other vehicles with more information over their movements. Road signs and traffic lights will provide information related to jams and sharp bends ahead. Self-driven cars will also solve the difficulties involved in parking in a congested space. Features such as blindspot monitoring and automatic braking systems will add up to the precision required on the road. And most importantly, the future technology that accounts for the evolution of these vehicles will ensure that human errors are eliminated.

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