Customer 360: Innovative Collaboration through Technology

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Customer 360: Innovative Collaboration through Technology

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Revamping the Automotive Landscape with Technology

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Revamping the Automotive Landscape with Technology

Automotive Retail Success with Improved Efficiency and Profitability

Auto Tech Outlook | Friday, January 25, 2019

Digitization, regulation, changing customer needs, and new competitors require the retail model to be rethought. Digitalization and disruption of automotive retail make dealers seek new operating models and skills in sales. Increasing the pace of disruptive innovation and changing customer preferences will lead to a shift in the operation of automotive retail and after-sales companies.

AutoNation is an automotive retailer that supplies new and pre-owned vehicles. Headquartered at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, AutoNation is the driving force of America on the open road. AutoNation is driven by more than 27,000 partners representing more than 35 automotive manufacturers in more than 300 stores in 16 states. This company transforms the automotive sector through its leadership, innovation, and extensive brand expansions.

AutoNation has planned measures to improve efficiency and profitability in restructuring and cost savings plan that will further position the company for long-term success. The restructuring increases the flexibility of the company to continue to invest in its brand expansion and digital capabilities.

The company’s plan to reduce costs by about $50 million involves the reorganization of its operating structure. The strengthening of its regional structure from three regions to two regions is one of the key drivers. James "Jim" Bender, President of the AutoNation Eastern Region, was appointed as Executive Vice President of Sales in conjunction with this reorganization.

For over 20 years, Bender has served in several leadership positions at AutoNation. Most recently, he oversaw the company’s largest region with almost 100 stores, 125 franchises, and approximately $8 billion in revenue in 2017. During his tenure as the president of the Eastern Region, Mr. Bender implemented several key initiatives that improved the overall performance of the locations under his leadership.

As of 31 December 2018, AutoNation owned and operated more than 325 coastal locations. AutoNation sold 12 million vehicles to reach this milestone, the first automotive retailer. The success of AutoNation depends on a commitment to deliver an unparalleled experience through customer-oriented sales and service processes.

The company is committed to driving out cancer, raising awareness, and supporting critical research through its DRV PNK initiative. AutoNation remains a proud supporter of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and other charities associated with cancer.

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