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Balancing Information and Technology

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The New Wave of Technology

Automobiles and eCommerce: You might soon be Buying Your Next Car Online!

Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, June 13, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The automotive industry might soon become the most significant eCommerce industry. This is no fictitious claim! Data suggests that the eCommerce market for the automotive industry is expected to pass $12B in 2019 and can cross $19B by 2022. Companies in the sectors are positive that challenges that have prevented the online selling of automobiles can be addressed to make the online market place a possibility. Read on!

• Putting relevant information out for consumers

Dealing with automobiles would mean tiny details about each different model and every variation in the feature. To allow customers to buy automobiles, companies need to put out detailed information, and this is challenging. Automating the process of delivering real-time information to customers with the help of ERP is the perfect solution.

• The interface that simplifies ordering automobiles

When it comes to automobiles, products require a range of components and customizations, many of which are optional. A consumer can get confused and frustrated because of the complexity. Streamlining the processes and creating a platform that will conveniently take consumers through the whole process can solve this problem.

• Simplified search for individual parts

Shopping for individual parts takes more effort as compared to buying an automobile. The search option must be optimized on the eCommerce sites so that people find the correct part that they need. Relevant filters on the search tool can significantly simplify the search process.

• Efficient transactions and safe shipping

Every time an automobile is purchased, a slew of formalities and paperwork follows. If companies handle these processes well, it will lead to satisfied customers. Smooth payment processing and prompt shipping services are also essential.

• Integrate promotion and marketing

eCommerce stores have the added advantage for sellers. Sellers can efficiently market and cross-sell products. This is not possible on physical stores as people focus on a particular product. eCommerce platforms can be built to influence people into viewing a range of products, thereby enhancing the chances of business. 

Automotive eCommerce business will see a surge in the coming years and companies should prepare well for the evolving trends.

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