Advancing Role Of A CHRO

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Advancing Role Of A CHRO


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The "Art of No"

Decoding Emotional Purchase Decisions

Laura Schwab, President, Aston Martin

Decoding Emotional Purchase Decisions

Automotive Connectivity Innovations Require A New Approach To Cybersecurity

Tim Frasier, President of Automotive Electronic...

Automotive Connectivity Innovations Require A New Approach To Cybersecurity

A Holistic Approach to Attain End-To-End Cybersecurity

Auto Tech Outlook | Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Along with risks and dangers, cybersecurity threats also cause critical hazards such as data theft and more. Amidst the intelligent software systems and techniques, cybersecurity has continued to be a significant concern, which demands utmost importance. Cyber attacks have all the potential to invade the software ecosystem, intrude into secret areas which have limited access, steal or manipulate the data, damage data integrity and authenticity and paralyze the host system with malware attacks and cyber worms or parasites. Cybersecurity experts have come up with a holistic approach which caters to almost all the real-time cybersecurity challenges by demonstrating ways which are not entirely self-serving but can be automatic with IoT and other technologies.

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Today, cybersecurity is every industry’s concern as almost every business process is computerized. Likewise, along with the researchers, it is essential for all the other professionals of the enterprise to walk towards achieving progressive milestones in terms of attaining end-to-end cybersecurity. Considering internet security to be a critical demand and strategizing ways to fulfill the same seems to be the first step. Involving security aspects in the software architecture, planning and developing software immunity techniques and testing the security components provide ways to make use of cyber threat-repellents to overcome massive system security failures. Focusing on the system’s weaknesses lead to a positive development; parts of an industrial software system always work coherently, and the success of the software is achieved by rationalizing the counter effects of the weakest links. This way, the third-party attackers fail to conquer the enterprise assets to a vast extent.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has introduced a set of valid and useful rules, regulations and guidelines to promote the benefits of cybersecurity. NIST cybersecurity framework features comprehensive and collaborative laws and statements which not only bring out the facts of cybersecurity but also help the industries monitor their security acts by following and comparing the performance parameters with the real-time ones via a result-driven cybersecurity data chart. The world is naturally vulnerable to cyber attacks and developing a systematic and holistic approach to nullify the adversities of cyber threats sustainably help in achieving cybersecurity to the fullest.       

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