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5 Trends In Automotive Manufacturing and Retailing

By Auto Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 30, 2020

5 Trends In Automotive Manufacturing and Retailing

Automotive manufacturing and retailing sector is changing day by day due to the introduction of new and advance technologies. Here are new top five trends of the industry.

FREMONT, CA: Automotive manufacturing and retailing have changed dramatically over the last 5-10 years. Technology is advancing at a break-neck pace. Introduction of electric vehicles, self-driving cars and changing mobility habits are paving the way to the new future of automotive manufacturing.

Here are some of the most exciting new trends in automotive manufacturing and retailing:

Self-Driving Cars – The trend of autonomous cars or self-driving cars are rising day by day. The technology behind self-driving cars has existed for many years now, but the public has taken years to incorporate to the concept of riding in a vehicle controlled by a machine. It is boon for the market as it will reduce accidents which are mostly caused by driver error, and as robots don’t get drunk so people can travel safely without any fear.

Electric Vehicles – Due to lower fuel costs, environmental stewardship, and energy independence electric vehicles are becoming popular among the people. Battery technology has steadily improved in recent years. While electric vehicle production has been limited to small passenger vehicles so far, electric-powered pickups and even semi-trucks are not far down the road in the coming years.

On Demand Connectivity – In the connected vehicle ecosystem, introduction of 5G wireless connectivity comes with a wealth of opportunity. Nowadays cars are becoming more connected to other cars and to the surrounding environment due to advanced driver assistance and smart services. These modern features will help in avoiding collision, finding parking and navigating a traffic jam.

3D Printing of Car Components – Automakers have been using 3D printers to fabricate prototypes for vehicle development. The process is more efficient than conventional methods. According to company’s expectation, shape-shifting transformable 4D-printed materials would be next innovation.

Use of Light Weight and Nano Materials – Manufacturers are forced to explore new light-weight materials for productions, because of rising fuel efficiency and emission standards. Examples of weight-reduction technologies include the increased use of aluminum in drivetrain and body components, carbon-fiber body panel, and carbon-nano composite underbody components.

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