3 Marketing Tips Auto Dealers Must Put into Practice

Auto Tech Outlook | Monday, October 12, 2020

Being thoughtful about the approach in deciding the most appropriate channels will save valuable time and money for auto dealers.

FREMONT, CA: Who will be the winners in the revolution that is radically revamping the marketing, distribution and selling of automobiles? Will the automobile manufacturers and their dealer networks be able to overcome years of inertia to pioneer and execute innovative concepts that will strengthen and extend the value of their brands? The most important aspect of an effective automobile dealership marketing strategy is to have a personalized omni-channel marketing strategy to deliver the right message to the right prospect. Here are some best practices.

• Using Predictive Analytics to Create Consumer-Based Marketing Strategy

Top 10 Dealership Management Solution Companies - 2020The rise of new marketing channels tends to grab the most attention when auto dealers look at the changing marketing landscape. That is where the data and analytics revolution took place that transformed what dealers know about consumers and how they can find the best prospects. Predictive marketing means not sacrificing lead quality to keep costs reduced. Automated lead identification for the dealership means that brands that only spend to the highest quality lead in the market.

• Finding the Right Marketing Channel

Different people prefer different ways of communicating. Brands should design messages to engage with leading car buyers in the most effective method possible, matching its customer insights about each prospect to the appropriate mix. Analytics-driven campaign personalization begins with direct mails with much higher response rates. The original connection is made, and the prospect is more likely to engage with the dealership messages. It is this mix of traditional and digital marketing tools, driven by personalized insights that make predictive marketing a potential tool for automotive dealerships.

• Building Customer Relationship

The first communication a customer has with the dealership might be with the marketing message. Regardless of the marketing channel that connection is made through. This is one of the many advantaged of predictive marketing, as dealerships that use personalized service can set the tone at the very first touch by interacting with an offer relevant to them, through a channel and in a method that demonstrates the understanding of the customer and their unique demands.

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